Why We Do This


The David J Cobb Foundation was established in June 2016 to honor my 17-year-old son who battled mental illness.  Sadly, he lost his battle on October 23, 2015, when he took his life at home.  David was my beloved son, my best friend, my heart and soul, my whole life.

For about 10 years I watched my son struggle in every aspect of his life, despite my dedication to his well-being.  I struggled daily to understand what he was going through and to figure how to best help him.

For many, waking up every morning is effortless but for David, it was a struggle.  It was a struggle because he knew that he would have to spend the day fighting all the demons and voices in his head in addition to dealing with all the daily struggles of just being a teenager.  He spent many days alone because it was just easier for him and he wouldn’t have anxiety about getting bullied because he was “different”.  I admired him so much for his strength and determination.

David was a great kid!!  He had an infectious smile that would light up the room and bring joy to anyone he came in contact with.  David was a caring, special young man who loved to make others laugh despite his own pain.  He loved to laugh, enjoyed all genres of music, played video games, worked out, and drew the most amazing pictures but sadly, deep down he was in severe pain and in never-ending darkness.  David was struggling more than anyone knew because he always smiled and he always tried to make others laugh.

Being the mom of a child who chooses to take his/her own life is something that can’t be explained unless you are one of those moms.  There is so much guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, and pain.  Getting up every morning has become one of the hardest things to do and getting through each day without completely breaking down is even harder.  When I go to the grocery store and see his favorite snack, or drive by his favorite restaurant, or hear his favorite song, or hear someone say “MOM”, I cry and it doesn’t matter where I am.  My life has completely changed and the only thing I can now do is bring awareness to mental illness and suicide so no other parent feels the way I feel every day and will feel for the rest of my life.

I have started this Foundation as a way to cope with my loss and in doing so will be the voice of those who suffer in silence and I will continue to honor my son and his legacy by helping as many people as I can.